Lay Reader Program

At River Road Church, Baptist, we have a Lay Reader Program that encourages members of our congregation to assist in worship leadership by reading the two lessons each Sunday morning.IMG_0257

Each week our lay readers are given the Lectionary lessons, which they read at their leisure, in order to grasp the meaning and cadence of the text. During the week, they come to the Sanctuary and practice reading each lesson from the lectern to get the “feel” of the sound of their voices projected in our high-ceilinged Sanctuary.

The benefits? It allows laity greater involvement in our worship. It gives clergy an opportunity to hear Scripture as the congregation does. It enables worshippers to connect faces they see regularly with names of readers. Finally, it conveys to our worship guests that Scripture and worship are not the private prerogatives of robed-clergy.

Page Highfill, Carolyn Briggs, Margaret Phelps, and Rich Jante are providing leadership to our Lay Reader Program. If you would like additional information about the program, or if you would like to volunteer as a lay reader, you may contact any one of them by e-mail.