Glimpses of Faith FAQ

1. Can I interview elderly friends and family for their Glimpses of Faith stories, then write it for them and submit it?


2. Do you have any hints to help me rattle my memory?

Try these:

  • Remember visiting a place for the first time – and you sensed you have been there before? What else happened?
  • How does God communicate with you?
  • Considering the three most valued aspects in your life, how many of them were not your idea? Tell us how one of those “not yours” developed.
  • If you are a parent, tell us about your feelings after seeing your first-born.
  • If you are a labyrinth walker, what happens to you during the walk?
  • Thinking back to a crisis in your life sometime ago, do you see any influences now that you didn’t see before that helped get you through it? Tell us about it.

3. How do I come up with a photo of one of my glimpses of faith?

The photo could be of just one aspect of your story. For example, if your story is about what happened to you during a sunrise at the beach, include a photo of a sunrise. Or, if your story is about how God spoke to you during a very sad time in your life, ask a young child to draw a picture of your face being sad. Take a digital photo of the picture.

4. Who owns the stories I submit?

The authors retain authorship and ownership. By submitting your Glimpses of Faith stories, you give RRCB your approval to publish them on the RRCB website.

5. Can I submit more than one story?


6. Suppose the author of a story does not have a computer and also does not type?

Typed, digital format is preferred and will expedite the committee’s work, however, a handwritten story can be submitted by mailing or delivering it to the Church Office, addressed as follows:

River Road Church, Baptist
ATTN: Glimpses of Faith Committee
8000 River Road
Richmond, VA 23229

Non-digital photos can also be submitted the same way, mailing or delivering them to the Church Office, addressed as above.