Glimpses of Faith

An Invitation from Dan Bagby

Our life stories are both secular and sacred. One of the serendipities in our otherwise ordinary day occurs when a holy moment redefines what appeared at first to be a secular event. We know the power of an “epiphany,” when a divine manifestation breaks into the routine of a day. God often uses very humble tools to deliver sacred chapters in our stories, and sometimes those moments are only recognized as faith-full after they take place! (Moses, surprised by God in a lonely place; Jacob, stunned by a Presence while half asleep; Elijah hearing a Voice, while hiding in a cave; Jonah, almost drowning, confronted by a Truth; Cleopas breaking bread with a Man after witnessing His execution; Paul going blind, before he can see).

In every human journey the sacred still surprises. What sacred moment crossed your path, and joined your story? Your story will be a gift to us all—please take a moment, and share it with us.

Submitting Your Written Stories

The purpose of this committee’s work (taken in part from the motion approved by the church on January 25, 2012) is to invite and document stories from church members and staff of their own “Glimpses of Faith” through Christian life experiences, and then share them to help encourage, empower, unify, and nurture church members, families, staff, and prospective members.

All members and staff are invited to submit 300 to 500 word stories of life experiences and sacred surprises which nurtured or questioned their faith. Stories are preferred to be typed and in digital format in MS Word. Digital photos of some aspect of your story are welcomed. We will embed your photo(s) into your text as space will allow.

Submit your stories by e-mail attachments to

Stories may be edited by one of the committee’s two editors for clarity, brevity, and content. All suitable stories will be published on the RRCB website. Website visitors will be able to find stories there organized alphabetically by the authors’ names. Stories can be read online or printed.

Member-written stories will be treasured by RRCB and especially members’ families.

Now…think back. Most glimpses of faith are never forgotten, but often filed deep in one’s memory – waiting to reveal themselves again and make someone’s day brighter and more meaningful. Start now by jotting down some of your thoughts.

Read the stories that our members have already written. You never know what kind of inspiration you’ll find.

Questions?  Our Frequently Asked Questions might help, or feel free to send an email to

Glimpses of Faith is a collection of stories by RRCB members of those moments when God’s presence – that flash of knowing, or angelic nudge – suddenly shines though the lace which surrounds our reality.

The Glimpses of Faith Committee is Page Highfill, Chair; Daniel Bagby; Janet Bagby; Gene Damon; Henry Holland; Eric Johnson; Sheryl Johnson; Julia Nixon; and Bill Stanton.