The Columbarium Memorial Garden

The Columbarium Memorial Garden of River Road Church, Baptist provides a beautiful and peaceful setting for prayer and the remembrance of loved ones. Located behind the Chapel, the Garden was dedicated on Palm Sunday of 1997 to receive ashes from cremation and is available to members of River Road Church and their families.

The Columbarium Memorial Garden provides for both the inurnment and interment of ashes. This hallowed place offers River Road Church families the option for burial on the grounds where generations of families have gathered and will continue to come together to worship, to praise and to remember.

Burial of Ashes

Ashes from cremation may be placed in urns within the niches of the Columbarium, or they may be buried directly in the ground in the grassy area of the Garden. Plaques are mounted on the niches to commemorate those buried within. Plaques mounted on the Chapel wall in the Garden commemorate those whose ashes are buried in the ground. In addition, a detailed Book of Remembrance is on view in the church in the Narthex of the Chapel.

Ministerial Assistance

Prior planning for the disposition of one’s own remains after death, as well as for the memorial service, can contribute greatly to the well-being of the family in a time of emotional stress. Any member of our ministerial staff will be glad to assist church members in pre- planning for memorial services. If cremation is desired, arrangement in advance for space in the Garden can lift the burden of decision from family members grieving the loss of a loved one.

Financial Arrangements

A license fee is paid at the time of completion of an application for a niche. License fees are $1,000 for a niche that will accommodate up to two urns and $2,000 for a niche that accommodates four urns. No license fee is required for in-ground burial of ashes. An inurnment fee for placement of an urn or a burial fee of ashes is $400. The only other charge is for engraving the plaque with the name of the deceased. Copies of the rules and regulations governing the Garden and the license agreement are available from the church office.

To Request Information

To receive additional information about the Columbarium Memorial Garden, please contact the church office. A member of the church staff will be glad to answer your questions and to see that you receive any further information you require. You may request to have a brochure mailed to you or download a copy from our website.