Wednesday “Pause”

6:00 -7:30 pm    Hitting the Pause Button

Teenagers are busy.  School, homework, chores, practices, more homework, etc., etc., etc.  There’s so much pressure to succeed that people place on you. When do you even have time to rest? Life is hard.  Certainly, GOD doesn’t want this much stress on our lives. 

GOD wants to offer a word of care and peace and rest to us all – we just have to be willing to stop and listen. 

Our time together will be a time to breathe, a time to connect with each other and with GOD, a time where GOD can connect with us because we’re intentional about stopping all our activity.

There are times we’ll check in with each other (what has given you life this week, where have you experienced GOD this week),  we’ll write cards to folks who need to hear a good word, or we’ll participate in some creative times of prayer.