Sunday School

Sunday Mornings 9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.

Adult Sunday School includes the following classes:

Discovery Class (Age: 30s and 40s) is an interactive, lively discussion group about faith and life in the “real world.” The class is taught by Frank Kendall, who leads the class through themed series based on Biblical texts and other resources. Social events and mission projects are held on a monthly basis (both family and adult only). Class begins at 10:00 a.m. and meets in room 145 near the Chapel Hall.

FaithLink engages participants in discussions centered around events unfolding around the globe, responding with a Biblical perspective. Topics for each session are announced the week prior.  Whether you avail yourself of a single session on a topic that interests you, or engage in an ongoing basis, connecting your faith with your approach to contemporary issues should prove rewarding. The class meets in room 104 off the Lower Commons and begins at 9:30 a.m. to better accommodate those with worship responsibilities.

Fellowship Class (Age: retired men and women) is a group of retired men and women meeting to study the Bible using the Formations Sunday School literature. Four team teachers lead the group in a lecture/discussion format in a spiritual journey of good fellowship. The class meets in room 232 off the Upper Commons.

Friendship Class is composed of a group of caring, diverse, multi-talented individuals who support each other and extend their concern to others, such as Freedom House, CARITAS, and local mission programs. Various class members provide the teaching leadership and the class frequently uses the Formations literature, but also includes book reviews and topics of interest determined by class members.  The class meets in room 228 off the Upper Commons.

Foundations Class (Age: 20s & 30s) is specifically tailored for those in their 20’s and early 30’s and will have a focus on both social interaction and missions. The class meets at 10:00 a.m. in CH #141, on the lower level, by the Life and Discovery Sunday school classes. Katie and Tim Merritt serve as leaders for this group.

Life Class (Age: couples forties and beyond) is a fellowship of couples who seek to discover Bible truths to help with practical matters in daily living. The class explores a variety of literature resources, book studies, video series and small group discussion material, all of which are biblically focused. The class regularly makes use of the “Nurturing Faith” series from Baptists Today which chooses texts from the Revised Common Lectionary for each Sunday.  The class meets in room 143 near Chapel Hall.

New Horizons Class (Age: adult men and women) is a group of single and married adults, ranging in age from the forties and beyond. The curriculum is planned by the program committee, with direction from the class. Topics include social and economic issues and other current topics. The class regularly makes use of the “Nurturing Faith” series from Baptists Today which chooses texts from the Revised Common Lectionary for each Sunday. Activities include quarterly parties and recreational socials. Discussion is led by class members or by outside speakers.  The class meets in room 106 off the Lower Commons.

Robert Smart Class is named in memory of longtime River Road Church Sunday School Director Robert Smart, this class consists of adults ages 35-55. Most participants are married and have children but there are some singles in the group. The class is taught by Ed Pruden who bases his lessons on the lectionary readings for that week or on other topical subjects and books. Members of the Smart class plan several social events throughout the year and participate in class and church sponsored missions activities. This class meets in the Adult Assembly Room, off the Lower Commons, at 9:50 am for fellowship, and the lesson begins at 10 am.

Shepherd-Holland Bible Study Class (Age: All adult ages) is an intergenerational group of adults who bring rich theological and personal experiences to their study of the Bible and share ideas from various commentary sources. The studies are chosen by the class and proceed verse by verse for a deeper understanding of the scriptures. Dr. Thomas Graves, President Emeritus of the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, provides stimulating, in-depth lessons that evoke much discussion and reflection. The class supports local mission projects, sponsors the Holland Lectures (formerly known as the Catacombs Lectures), and enjoys a weekly newsletter that enhances collegiality. This class meets in Room 102 off the Lower Commons and is named for the late Mr. Robert Shepherd, Esq. and Dr. Henry Holland.