Who We Are

Each Sunday, Wednesday and days in between, individuals and families from the Richmond area ride by many other churches to find their church home at River Road Church. Why?

We thrive in a spiritual environment that fosters growth, what we call “an informed faith.”

We relish worshiping together in a transformational experience from the spoken word and inspiring choral music blended in the time tested liturgical form.

We eagerly anticipate and participate in the many opportunities for small group experiences for adults, youth, and children.

We willingly engage ourselves in hands-on service in mission projects at home, across the nation, and abroad.

We immerse ourselves in the traditional sacraments, celebrating Holy Communion monthly and Baptism during Advent, Lent and by request.

We cordially cooperate with other entities advancing Christ’s kingdom, primarily the Richmond Baptist Association, the Baptist General Association of Virginia, and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

We honor our history, the women and men who in 1946 had the vision for a Christian congregation in this place, open and welcoming fellow believers respectful of their prior denominational affiliations and practices.

We warmly embrace new members to our fellowship.