Welcome to River Road Church, Baptist on the Internet. We would love to come to know you better and we encourage you to learn more about us on this website and in person.

River Road Church members are like snowflakes. No two are exactly alike. But we compliment each other and bond with one another to create something we hold special.

Our community of faith emphasizes what we hold in common. Christ is exalted. In keeping with the historic, authentic Baptist tradition, we value the freedom and responsibility of all believers to work out their personal salvation. Encouraging an informed faith, we at River Road Church strive to help one another on that journey.

From 1946 to today, River Road Church has provided a distinctive church home where families and individuals from a variety of Christian backgrounds can find an engaging worship experience, deepening spiritual growth, opportunities for service to others and hearty fellowship. We warmly welcome new members by profession of faith and baptism, a letter from another church, or a statement of Christian experience without the requirement of re-baptism.

You may very well find your “snowflake” fits perfectly at River Road Church. Perhaps only a visit in person can help you to discover if that is the case. We encourage you to prayerfully consider doing just that.