Celebrate 50

… and 50 More!

What will our legacy be?

For much of the first 50 years, the River Road Church Endowment Fund was more dream than fund. In the beginning, a small group of River Road members laid plans for a fund “to support or benefit the church” in the years ahead in ways those visionaries could not fully know. They did know that providing avenues for charitable giving to the church could allow her witness of Christian love to grow in ways that could not be foreseen or imagined. And so it has — and with your prayerful support, River Road Church’s witness to God’s enduring love will grow in ways we cannot now imagine well into the future.

Today, we’re called to consider how wonderfully God will use us — and our legacy gifts — for the years ahead.  How can we extend our stewardship beyond our own lives, sharing God’s love and our Christian witness with future generations?

When I think of the Endowment Fund, I think of the past, present, and future of River Road Church.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to have a small part in making it possible for the Endowment Fund to continue its support of River Road Church for the next 50 years – and, hopefully, well beyond – through my estate plan.”

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