Boards & Committees

A full list of the River Road Church, Baptist, 2017 Boards, Committees, and Officers is available to view or download.

Board of Deacons – provide general oversight of Church membership and its spiritual life (100 Ways to Care).

Board of Christian Education & Spiritual Formation – determine educational goals and standards for leadership.

Board of Missions – promote Christian service by the members of the Church.

Board of Administration – oversee financial operation of Church and manage Church property.

Facilities Use Committee – establish guidelines for and coordinate use of Church facilities.

Finance Committee – oversee Church’s financial operation and prepare annual budget.

House and Grounds Committee – oversee maintenance of existing buildings and grounds.

Insurance Committee – oversee Church’s liability and property insurance policies

Kitchen Committee – coordinate Wednesday serving teams and operating needs of kitchen.

Personnel Committee – with Pastor establish and coordinate staff policies and benefits.

Stewardship Committee – promote Christian stewardship and coordinate annual campaign.

Arts Committee – plan and coordinate art programs and acquisitions for the Church.

Auditing Committee – coordinate annual audit of Church’s books and records.

Baptismal Committee – assist Pastor and staff in preparing and conducting services of baptism.

Building and Property Council – plan and coordinate new construction or major alterations.

Chancel Committee – coordinate flowers and decorations; assist with weddings and funerals.

Columbarium Committee – oversee guidelines and operating procedures for Columbarium.

Communication Committee – assist Church staff in publicizing ministries and programs of the Church.

History Committee – organize and preserve all Church records not in current use.

Lord’s Supper Committee – prepare elements for all communion services.

Member Engagement Committee – identify and recruit new members to join the Church and encourage less active and inactive members to become more active

Music Committee – oversee and assist in planning all music programs of the Church.

Nominating Committee – present a slate of nominees for all boards and committees of the Church.

Preschool Committee – develop Preschool policies and review its faculty and finances.

Recreation Committee – plan and coordinate recreational activities for Church members of all ages.

Social Committee – arrange and coordinate social activities as requested by Church staff.

Sound Committee – operate Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall sound systems.

Transportation Committee – recruit, train, and schedule drivers to transport members to services.

Tellers Committee – coordinate the counting and recording of the Sunday offering.

Ushers Committee – recruit, train, and schedule ushers for all worship services and other services.