Recently, RRCB youth group served for CARITAS. CARITAS is a service where churches help our society by taking in people who are homeless or unable to take care of themselves. We brought in 40 women last time and had fun while helping them. Our youth group put together bagged lunches. I also helped on a different night, setting up bags for the spa night.)

I am speaking for all of us when I say it was an amazing experience.

I especially enjoyed the friend time and pizza party before serving. We enjoyed playing (and teaching) “Cups” from the movie Pitch Perfect. I can easily say that this was a wonderful way to spend my Sunday night.

This act of kindness to the community is just another thing that sets our life on a good road. I am excited for future years helping out with a service as great as CARITAS.


Serving CARITAS — 3 Comments

  1. Well done, Lucy for you and your group exemplifying the joy of giving, sharing and paying it forward, which means, by helping others you enable them to make a pleasent presence in the life of others.

  2. Lucy, I was so excited to see that you
    enjoy doing CARITAS!! Our CARITAS
    Guest enjoy so much seeing the youth
    and they are so thankful for the kindness
    and respect that you show to them!!
    They always have such kind words about
    the youth and thank God for you and the
    time you give in the prayer they say before
    I personably thank you and am so proud
    of you!!! Great blog!! Hugs, Mrs. Gray

  3. Lucy,
    It is wonderful that you participated in the CARITAS program this year. Your insight of sharing God’s love through service is so important for you to expereince now as a youth. I know this will be forever etched in your memory as you continue to share the goodness of God in future mission endeavors. Who knows, maybe next year we could play the handbells for them in a special concert!

    Mr. Honaker