Advent 2012 Devotions Introduction

The Advent/Christmas season is the most wonderful time of the year. Excitement and anticipation fill the air as we approach Christmas day. But before we get to Christmas, our lives will be busy with shopping, cooking, buying presents, mailing cards, decorating and a thousand other responsibilities. If we are not careful, the main focus of our celebration can get lost.

by Abigail M.

In order to help our congregation focus more clearly on the meaning of the Advent/Christmas season, our church has prepared these devotions for Advent. A different member of our church has written a special thought for each day of December and into the sixth day of January to help us reflect on the meaning of this holy season.

Advent is a time of preparation for the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus. It is a time of waiting, watching, thinking and reflecting about the significance of the coming of Christ at Christmas. These days afford us the opportunity to prepare our hearts to celebrate the birth of our Lord.

These devotions can be used as a resource for private devotion or for your family’s daily devotion. Read a selection each day with your family and reflect on its meaning. You might also want to light a candle on your Advent Wreath each Sunday as a part of this celebration. You might also consider, if you have small children, introducing a few pieces of the manger set each week. Utilize the devotions in your own way to have a more meaningful Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

William Powell Tuck, Editor


Advent 2012 Devotions Introduction — 2 Comments

  1. Looks like the link is to last year’s advent devotionals, not the new ones . . . Thanks.

    • Hi Audrey! Thanks for your comment. We don’t have the “official” page set up for the devotions yet. (Right now we are linked to the Devotions Category which will show you all of the devotions) However, this post, is Bill Tuck’s (our editor) introduction to this year’s series. Each day a new devotion will be posted – the first one will go up tomorrow morning. The PDF of all of the devotions will most likely be up on Monday. There are also a limited number of copies around the Church.
      – Cassandra